Sunday, August 25, 2013

Shimbashi Soba & Sake Bar - Melbourne, Victoria

17 Liverpool Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (03) 9654 6727
Open Monday - Saturday, for lunch 11:30am - 2:30pm and for dinner 6pm - 10pm

Assorted Sashimi - 14pcs of fresh salmon & kingfish sashimi 18

Kamo Nanban Kinoko Soba - Warm soup noodle with sliced duck meat & mushrooms 19

Tempura Soba - Warm soup noodle with assorted tempura 18

The best? The soba.
Service? Efficient.
Decor? Cheap but cosy.
Noise? Low-range.
Value? Average.
Would we go back? Maybe, as we wouldn't mind trying the cold soba, but with so much choice in the city, probably not.
Time and date of visit: 6 pm Friday 9 August 2013

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Weekly Menu, 24 August - 30 August 2013

Saturday 24 August: Lamb chops and corn salad
Sunday 25 AugustPumpkin risotto
Monday 26 August: Cauliflower soup #meatfreemondays
Tuesday 27 August: Quinoa salad with pumpkin
Wednesday 28 August: Dainty Sichuan
Thursday 29 August: Steamed fish and greens
Friday 30 August: Apollo Bay Seafood Cafe

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weekly Menu, Thursday 8 August: Eggplant and tofu

Dandelion - Elwood, Victoria

133 Ormond Road, Elwood, Victoria, Australia (03) 9531 4900
Open for lunch Thursday - Sunday, dinner every night from 5.30pm and yum cha 10am - noon on weekends

Saigon Spiced Mule - Our take on the classic rum mule, using ginger, chilli and galangal, sweetened with lychee and topped with hepburn springs organic ginger beer. A refreshing long drink that can be spiced to your taste 19

Pho cuon noodle roll with pickled prawn and pork belly morning glory, soused papaya and fragrant leaves 22

Bamboo leaf grilled Patagonian Toothfish, Hoi An style 39

Lotus leaf wrapped fried rice with egg and vegetables 13

BBQ quail with hoisin, watermelon and spearmint salad with watercress, fried shallot, nuoc mam salt 23

Mixed mint tea 6

Pandan pancake with banana, peanut and coconut, jackfruit and mango sorbet 13

Pandan pancake with banana, peanut and coconut, jackfruit and mango sorbet 13

Dragon eye 'che', longan stuffed with lotus seed, coconut jelly, snow fungus, pomegranate, green tea ice-cream, rice flour tuple 15

Dragon eye 'che', longan stuffed with lotus seed, coconut jelly, snow fungus, pomegranate, green tea ice-cream, rice flour tuple 15

The best? The Saigon spiced mule and the mixed mint tea.
The worst? My dinner date being over half an hour late :P
Must try? The bamboo leaf grilled Patagonian Toothfish.
Service? Excellent.
Decor? Warm and modern featuring exposed bricks, wood and colourful cushions and artwork.
Noise? Mid-range.
Value? Definitely not the cheapest of meals, but great for special occasions.
Would we go back? Yes!
Time and date of visit: 5.30pm 7 August 2013

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Weekly Menu, Tuesday 6 August: Buddha's delight

Monday, August 19, 2013

Salaam Namaste Dosa Hut - West Footscray, Victoria

604 Barkly Street, West Footscray, Victoria, Australia (03) 9687 0171
Open 7 days, 11am - 11pm

Mango lassi.

Egg Lamb Dosa $10.95

Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani $10.95

Samosa $1.95 and Vada $2.50

The best? The biryani.
Service? Minimal.
Decor? Utilitarian.
Noise? Mid-range.
Value? Excellent.
Would we go back? Yes.
Time and date of visit: 5:30pm Saturday 3 August 2013

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mamak - Melbourne, Victoria

366 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (03) 9670 3137
Open for lunch Mon-Sun 11:30am-2:30pm and for dinner Sun-Thu 5:30pm-10pm, Fri-Sat 5:30pm-2am 

Teh ais - Ice milk tea $4.00

Kari ayam - Classic chicken curry cooked with freshly ground spices and chunky potatoes $16.00

Nasi lemak - Fragrant coconut rice accompanied by an ensemble of sambal, peanuts, crispy anchovies, cucumber and hard-boiled egg. Arguably Malaysia's national dish. With sambal prawn $13.00

Roti canai - The original roti. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Served with two curry dips and spicy sambal sauce $5.50

Kangkung belacan - Stir-fried water spinach with chillies and shrimp paste $14.00

The best? The kangkung belacan.
The worst? The slight pressure to eat quickly due to the line outside.
Service? Friendly and efficient.
Decor? Bright, cheap and clean.
Noise? Mid-range.
Value? Average.
Time and date of visit: 7:30pm Friday 2 August 2013

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Weekly Menu, 17 August - 23 August 2013

Saturday 17 August: Chicken burgers
Sunday 18 AugustSpinach pasta with mackeral
Monday 19 August: Chicken soup with dumplings
Tuesday 20 August: Tuna pasta salad
Wednesday 21 August: Quinoa risotto
Thursday 22 August: Fish sub sandwich
Friday 23 August: Cafe Vue - Mixology

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sichuan House Seafood - Abbotsford, Victoria

395-397 Victoria Street, Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia (03) 9913 6235
Open Tuesday - Sunday, 11am - 3pm and 5pm - 10pm

For the first time ever we received an invitation to dine somewhere for the purpose of review.  Which is hilarious and terrible.  It is surely an indicator of The End Times when bullshit blogs like this get to receive any kind of recognition from actual restaurateurs. Still, we received an invitation, which we very quickly (too quickly, a little desperately?) accepted.

Thankfully the invitation was from somewhere we were already planning on going.  Having tried the ‘original’ Dainty Sichuan many times and Sichuan House (we patiently await your re-opening) often also, it was only a matter [of being forced to travel to Richmond] of time before we tried Sichuan House Seafood.  Getting invited just moved it up the list a little. What higher praise can I award this place than “It’s worth travelling to Richmond for”.  Really, not many things are. 

Sichuan House Seafood is an off-shoot of the other Sichuan House restaurant and the food was really very good.  As opposed to Dainty’s CBD off-shoot, Sichuan House Seafood offers all of the standout, crowd-pleasing dishes we have come to expect from Sichuan – cumin pork ribs, fish flavoured eggplant, etc. 

The standout dishes from our visit were the Cold Sichuan Noodle, the Mapo Tofu and the seafood hotpot.  I try Mapo Tofu at pretty much any place that serves it.  There was a Cantonese place in the city called Sushi Sun and their Mapo was my go-to dish. Since they shut down, I have been on a quest to find a place that makes it as good as they did.  SH Seafood is as close as I’ve come so far.

Other people’s favourite was the Tea Smoked Duck, which was a house speciality and gave the Duck a salty, bacon-y flavour.

So… ├╝berjoi now has a way to bribe me to accompanying her to ikea.  There was a lot left to try on their menu.  We have to go back. If you do find yourself in Richmond it is definitely worth trying. 

Salted cucumber in sesame $12.80

Sichuan cold noodles $7.50

Stir-fried green beans with pork mince $18.80

Twice-cooked pork $22.80

Mapo tofu (bean curd with beef mince in spicy sauce) $16.80

Zhangcha duck (fresh duck smoked with tea leaves and seasoned in herb sauce) $25.80

Shuizhuyu (marinated fish slices, vegetables in spicy soup stock) $28.00

- words by pisso | images by ├╝berjoi.

The best? The invitation and the opportunity to share the experience with friends.
The worst? The fact that our stomachs weren't bigger.
Must try? Shuizhuyu, zhangcha duck, Sichuan cold noodle and the mapo tofu.
Service? Friendly, efficient and attentive.
Decor? Bright and clean Chinese decor.
Noise? Low-range.
Value? Standard Sichuan-in-Melbourne prices.
Time and date of visit: 6:30pm Saturday 27 July 2013

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekly Menu, 10 August - 16 August 2013

Saturday 10 August: Casa Beauville
Sunday 11 AugustCreole succotash wth cornbread
Monday 12 August: Frice rice omelette
Tuesday 13 August: Pasta puttanesca
Wednesday 14 August: Gnocchi
Thursday 15 August: Trocadero
Friday 16 August: Little Ramen Bar

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunday brunches at Common Galaxia - Seddon, Victoria

Shop 3, 130 Victoria St, Seddon, Victoria, Australia (03) 9689 0309
Open Tuesday to Friday 7.30am - 4pm and Saturday to Sunday 8am - 4pm (kitchen closes at 3pm every day)

2pm Sunday 28 July

Fresh juice - orange, apple, carrot and ginger 5

Brioche French toast w ginger & brown sugar poached pears, vanilla mascarpone & walnuts 15

10am Sunday 4 August

Baked red quinoa fritters w hot smoked trout, poached eggs, greens & lemon yoghurt 18

Special: Creamy semolina & poached quince w brown sugar candy raisins, orange blossom water & syrup 10

The best? Delicious Seven Seeds coffee.
The worst? Refreshing menu, but we felt that the quinoa fritters certainly deserved a little bit more trout love.
Service? Friendly and attentive.
Decor? Modern scandinavian.
Noise? Low-range.
Value? Standard cafe prices.
Would we go back? Yes - definitely a local cafe fav.

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