Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekly Menu, 27 April - 3 May 2013

Saturday 27 April: Gumbo
Sunday 28 April: Omelette rolls
Monday 29 April: Eggplant and tofu #meatfreemondays
Tuesday 30 April: Fried rice
Wednesday 1 May: Chicken pasta
Thursday 2 May: Kimchi noodle Wonton noodle soup
Friday 3 May: Fishy tacos #fishyfridays

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weekly Menu, Tuesday 23 April: Vegetarian spaghetti bolognese

Dainty Sichuan - South Yarra, Victoria

176 Toorak Road, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia (03) 9078 1686
Open for lunch Mon & Wed-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm, Sat-Sun 12pm-2:30pm and for dinner Sun-Mon & Wed-Thu 4:30pm-9:30pm, Fri-Sat 4:30pm-10pm 

Tasty Cold Noodle - Chilli Oil & Sichuan Pepper

Fish Flavoured Eggplant - Pickled Chilli, Sweet & Sour

Stewed Lamb Ribs - Sichuan Home Style

Verdict? Super tasty and satisfying, as always!
Meal style: Early dinner of 3 shared dishes
Cost: $53.40 (total between 2 people, not including drinks)
Time and date of visit: 5:30pm Monday 22 April 2013

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FOMO Thai - Melbourne, Victoria

171 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (03) 9650 7987
Open Monday - Thursday 10:30am - 10:30pm, Friday - Saturday 10:30am - late, Sunday 11am - 10pm 

Thai Iced Milk Tea "Number One Brand" $3.50

Thai Style Popcorn Chicken $10.00

Larb Voon Sen: Larb glass noodle with minced chicken $14.00

Som Tum Pu: E-San style papaya salad (pickled crab sauce base) $14.00 

Verdict? Spicy and delicious. After the meal, do yourself a favour and head across the road for some Passionflower ice cream to soothe your chilli assaulted insides.
Meal style: Dinner
Time and date of visit: 6:30pm Sunday 21 April 2013

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Weekly Menu, Saturday 20 April: Hong Kong BBQ

118 Hopkins St,  Footscray, Victoria, Australia (03) 9687 8488
Open 7 days, 10am - 10pm (11pm Friday & Saturday) 

Roast duck and roast pork

Beef brisket on egg noodles (dry)

Water convolvulus with chili and preserved bean curd

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

'Friends of Attica' Dinner II

74 Glen Eira Road, Ripponlea, Victoria, Australia (03) 9530 0111
Open for dinner Tuesday to Saturday, 6:30pm to late

A Garden by the Lighthouse - Lighthouse gin, elderflower, mint, cucumber and lime topped with soda

Wesley Wilson - Ardbeg 10yo whiskey, Sanchez Romate PX, lemon, Fever Tree ginger beer

Sorrel Leaves from our garden - Attica

Sorrel Leaves from our garden - Attica

Pickled Carrots - Attica 

Crab, Shiitake, Eleven Basils - Ben Shewry (Attica)
"unique, sweet, crunch" 

Marron, Mace, Cauliflower, Curry Leaf - Andrew McConnell (Cutler & Co)
"creamy, winter, cheesey"

Red Deer and Smoked Eel - Michael Meredith (Merediths)
"surprise, texture, crackle"

'Autumn Leaves' - Mark Best (Marque)
"savour, earthy, challenging"

'Autumn Leaves' - Mark Best (Marque)
"savour, earthy, challenging"

Chicken, Calamari, Carrot and Seaweeds - Michael Ryan (Provenance)
"textural, chicken, combination"

Bread, Beef and Dripping - Darren Robertson, Mark LaBrooy and Shannon Debreceny (3 Blue Ducks)
"mouthful, sharp, chorseradish"

Blueberry Cheesecake - Karl Kanetani (Town)
"pie, chilled, biscuit"

Banoffee Pie - Matt Wilkinson (Pope Joan)
"sweet, banananananananaskins, calorific"

Pukeko's Egg - Attica

See our first visit to Attica (Tuesday Night Chef's Table) and the first 'Friends of Attica' Dinner!

Meal style: Friends of Attica Dinner II (degustation)
Cost: $260.00 per person (not including drinks)
Time and date of visit: 7:30pm Wednesday 17 April 2013

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekly Menu, 20 April - 26 April 2013

Saturday 20 April: Hong Kong BBQ
Sunday 21 April: FOMO Thai
Monday 22 April: Dainty Sichuan
Tuesday 23 April: Spaghetti bolognese Vegetarian spaghetti bolognese
Wednesday 24 April: Potato and leek soup
Thursday 25 April: Vege stir fry
Friday 26 April: Virginia Plain

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weekly Menu, Tuesday 9 April: Leek and chorizo risotto

Weekly Menu, 13 April - 19 April 2013

Saturday 13 April: Chicken wat with injera
Sunday 14 April: Pulled pork rolls 
Monday 15 April: Rose Garden BBQ
Tuesday 16 April: Wintermelon and ham hock soup
Wednesday 17 April: Friends of Attica Dinner II
Thursday 18 April: Pasta puttanesca
Friday 19 April: Prawn tortilla salad

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sydney Weekender - The xx, Gumshara, Mother Chu's Tawainese Gourmet, El Loco & the Royal Botanical Gardens

The xx at Festival Hall in Melbourne on Friday 5 April 2013

After missing their previous tours in Australia and also in NYC when Super Storm Sandy cancelled the show - we were ecstatic to finally see one of our favourite bands, The xx! Not only did we manage to see them in Melbourne, but we also won tickets to their second sold out show in Sydney (thanks heaps Frankie)! So we thought, hell - why not? Let's turn it into another awesome Sydney Weekender!

Saturday 6 April 2013

Shoyu Ramen Noodle (Fish Flavour Light Soup)

Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen Noodle (Mid-Thick Soup)

We usually leave the best for last ;) Soft Boiled Seasoned Egg

There must be something in the Sydney air... we crashed after our late ramen lunch and didn't wake again till the next day.

Sunday 7 April 2013

Sweet Soy Bean Jelly

Iced Soy Bean Milk

Cold Rice Milk

Glutinous Rice Roll with Pork Floss

Beef Filled Cake

Flaky Pastry and Yu Tiao

... and then the mushroom spotting began ...

Angel's Trumpet

Especial Mexicano Uno: Longaniza Quesadilla, Mozzarella, Pickled Jalapeno, Chipotle Mayo

Especial Mexicano Dos: Soft Shell Crab Tempura Taco - Pineapple Salsa, Mix Herbs, Yuzu Mayo

Secret Taco

Al Pastor Taco - spit roasted pork, pineapple salsa

Thanks again Sydney!

Please note our mushroom disclaimer from a previous post:
Here is the mandatory disclaimer: Everything I have read on mushrooms or describing mushrooms has to tell you that if you cannot tell with 100% certainty if a mushroom is edible or not – do not eat it.  I am saying this as well.  Don’t eat it if you don’t know.  Really.  I had to talk my father down on the phone a couple of days ago when he called me to say that he had picked some field mushrooms whilst playing golf.  Most likely he had picked yellow stainer mushrooms which would make him vomit and shit water for a week, but it could easily have been a death cap.  They are one of the most poisonous mushrooms in the world and are very common in Victoria.  The whole reason we signed up to go on a guided tour is to have an expert there to show us what to look for.

Shop 211 Eating World / 25-29 Dixon Street, Haymarket, New South Wales, Australia 0410 253 180
Open Sunday to Monday 11:30am - 8:30pm and Tuesday to Saturday 11:30am - 9:00pm
Note: All thick soup (tonkotsu) not available between 3pm-5pm as the bones in the stock pot are refreshed between lunch and dinner!

Gumshara Ramen on Urbanspoon

Mother Chu's Tawainese Gourmet

Shop 1, 8688 Dixon St, Haymarket, New South Wales, Australia (02) 9211 0288
Open 7 days, 8:30am - 8:30pm

Mother Chu's Taiwanese Gourmet on Urbanspoon

El Loco
64 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia (02) 9211 4945
Open Mon & Tue 12pm - late, Wed 12pm - 1am, Thu - Sat 12pm - 3am, Sun 12pm - 10pm

El Loco on Urbanspoon

Emperor's Garden Cake & Bakery
96-100 Hay Street, Haymarket, New South Wales, Australia (02) 9211 2135
Open 7 days, 7.30am - 2am

Emperor’s Garden Cake & Bakery on Urbanspoon