Monday, November 19, 2012

'Friends of Attica' Dinner

74 Glen Eira Road, Ripponlea, Victoria, Australia (03) 9530 0111
Open for dinner Tuesday to Saturday, 6:30pm to late

Friends of Attica was something unlikely to ever be repeated until they do it again.  Ben Shewry mentioned that they hope to host something like this once or twice a year.  Dan Hunter commented that Ben should be congratulated for finally getting around to organising the thing that they had talked about doing for so long.

Yes, I was in the same room as Ben Shewry and Dan Hunter.  Yes those bastards both cooked my dinner. It was a pretty amazing opportunity - to be wined and dined by a gang of chefs who were all obviously into one another and having just as much fun behind the scenes as we were front of house. 

Each chef submitted three dish ideas to Mr Shewry (a meat, a fish and a vegetable dish).  He then selected what they would make on the night.  The guys from Sixpenny in Sydney really stood out with their crab dish and Sixpenny is now on our list of places to visit.  I will say that for me, the Attica dishes won the night overall.  But it should also be kept in mind that Ben Shewry got to pick what everyone else cooked.  Each dish was worthy of the culinary company it was keeping.

I still don’t really understand how we got to go to this thing.

Beefeater botanical and Holgate Temptress.

Mustard Leaves from our garden. Creme Fraiche, Lemon Myrtle, Alpine Pepper by Attica.

Mustard leaves from our garden. Creme fraiche, lemon myrtle, alpine pepper by Attica.

Walnut Puree with Mushrooms by Attica.

Scallops, Mustard, Beach Plants and Rhubarb by Ben Greeno - Momofuku Seiobo.

Steamed Mud Crab, Silky Macadamia, Camomile by Dan Puskas & James Parry - Sixpenny.

Dry Aged Mutton and Flathead Sashimi, Broccoli and Salted Dandelion by Dan Hunter - Royal Mail Hotel.

Mackerel Broth and Lovage by David Moyle - The Stackings at Peppermint Bay.

Steamed Soy Milk Custard, Shiitake, Ginger, Peas, Fried Onions by Dan Hong - Ms G's, Mr Wong.

Wagyu Fillet, infused with Tobacco and Vanilla, Fennel, Mint, Green Olive and flavours of Cabernet by Phil Wood - Rockpool on George.

Winter Carrots by Luke Burgess - Garagistes.

Fresh Curd Ice Cream with Caramalised Apple Balsalmic by Ben Shewry - Attica.

Pukeko Eggs.

- words by pisso | images by überjoi.

Verdict? Grateful beyond words to the people who cancelled their booking at the last minute!
Meal style: Friends of Attica dinner (course degustation)
Cost: $210.00 per person (not including drinks)
Time and date of visit: 7:30pm Wednesday 3 October 2012

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