Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Le Chien - Seddon, Victoria

5 Gamon Street, Seddon, Victoria, Australia (03) 9362 7333
Open Monday-Tuesday 8am-4pm, Wednesday-Saturday 8am-10pm, Sunday 8am-4pm

Soy cafe latte with honey

Free range scrambled eggs & fresh chillies 12.5 with Black/white pudding (from Pacdon Park) 4.5 and Bulgarian marinated sheep's feta 2.5

with a Bloody Mary 14 (in the background)

The best? Delicious bloody mary!
Service? Friendly and attentive.
Decor? Cosy and comfortable with a nice wall mural.
Noise? Low-range.
Value? Pretty good value for a cafe!
Would we go back? Yes!
Time and date of visit: 12:10am Monday 12 August 2013

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