Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WAW Gathering: WAW Talks - Saturday 4 October 2014

WAW Gathering

The WAW Gathering is an anti-festival, a celebration and a conversation curated by the team from Attica in Melbourne to inspire, energise and help people in the food community and beyond.

WAW (pronounced war) stands for “what a wonderful world” and the events are intended as a celebration of being alive, a reminder of the value of life, of the power of staying open, and the courage it takes to not only stand by your own convictions but remain open to those of others.

Inspired as much by the DIY-ethic of punk as it is the help-your-neighbours approach of grassroots living, it’s as much about working together to build the barn as it is crashing the barriers.

It’s our hope that the WAW Gathering will be a reminder that kindness, love and integrity will always win the battle against negativity, and of what we can accomplish in this life when we work together to make it happen.

WAW Talks
9.30 am - 5 pm
Saturday 4 October 2014
Spink St Warehouse
Hosted by Pat Nourse and Myffy Rigby

Having come away from other culinary congresses overseas with fresh perspectives on his own work and life, Shewry wants to try and create a similar engine for conversation and inspiration here in Australia.

By the same token, though, he wants WAW Talks to be open, inclusive and free to attend. He’d like them to be sincere without being too serious, and intends to work with the same DIY ethos of the punk bands and skateboarders he admired growing up.

To that end, he has invited 20 friends and fellow travellers to speak, including chefs Roy Choi (best known for the Kogi Korean taco trucks in Los Angeles), Inaki Aizpitarte (the Byronic culinary firebrand behind influential Paris neo-bistro Le Chateaubriand), Bo Songvisava (one half of the talent driving acclaimed Bangkok eatery Bo.lan) and Andrea Petrini (the mastermind behind Gelinaz!).

David Thompson (Thailand)

Chris Ying (USA)

Heesco (Australia)


Banjo Harris Plane (Australia)

Nicholas Albanis (Australia) 'shredding' with an electric beater.

Inaki Alzpitarte (France) with Andrea Petrini (France)

Inaki Alzpitarte, Chris Ying, David Thompson, Michael Meredith (New Zealand) and Banjo Harris Plane

Inaki Alzpitarte (France)

Banana soft serve

Gordo (Australia)

Kris Coad (Australia)

Daniel Patterson (USA)

Bruce Pascoe (Australia)

Christy Flaws (Australia)

Sunny #hugthechef


Fume Urban Tricks (Australia)

Bo Songvisava (Thailand)

Happy Birthday Ella Shewry!

Isaac McHale (United Kingdom)

Will Dayble (Australia)

Peter Gilmore (Australia)

Ben Shewry (Australia)

Watermelon time!

Leila Haddad (Australia)

Joost Bakker (Australia)

Casey Bennetto (Australia)

Paulette Whitney (Australia)

Roy Choi (USA)

Roy Choi (USA)

Tom Gleeson (Australia)

Thanks Ben!

What a Wonderful World indeed!

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