Sunday, November 30, 2014

Yim Yam - Yarraville, Victoria

Roti Bread $3.50

Papaya Salad with Salted Crab (som dtum boo) - Shredded green papaya, salted baby crab, cherry tomatoes, beans & peanuts, served with a spicy tart dressing and topped with soft shell crab $15.90

Sticky Rice - The Lao staple rice, chewy in texture and excellent as an accompaniment with warm salads or other dishes $3.50

Yum Yim Yam with Chicken - Yim Yam’s delectable signature dish (warm salad made up of shredded banana plant blossom, young coconut mixed with herbs and coconut cream) served with chicken $13.90

(left) Stormy Seas - A refreshing variation on the popular dark & stormy. Kraken dark spiced rum with a hint of Sailor Jerry, spiced up with ginger, fresh mint and lime and sweetened with a measure of Agave nectar, then all brought to life with a dash of ginger beer 20

(right) Watermelon Julep - A refreshing blend of mint and watermelon muddled together with Henessay VSOP, Havana Club Rum and Cointreau, creating a delicious take on the classic Julep 19

Time and date of visit: 5:15 pm Friday 31 October 2014 (see our previous visits)

40a Ballarat St, Yarraville, Victoria, Australia (03) 9687 8585
Open every evening from 5 pm to 10 pm

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