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June Weekender, Part One - Salami Day at Jonai Farm

Saturday 7 June 2014
Salami Day at Jonai Farms, Eganstown

Transforming a whole pig into a year’s supply of salami, pancetta, guanciale, lonza, and prosciutto is a time-honoured tradition, and one we are delighted to help revive here at Jonai Farms & Meatsmiths each winter. Salami days are deeply tied to notions of thrift and resourcefulness, yet result in artisanal bounty that enables families to eat like kings while enjoying a simple life on the land. This is a hands-on day on the farm – you’ll hone your knife skills while learning the best techniques for successful curing.

Come prepared to trim, cut, mix, mince and stuff a lot of salamis, as well as how to hang pancetta, guanciale, coppa and lonza for a quick return in just 6-10 weeks. We’ll also bone out and shape jamons and take you through the critical prepping, salt-curing & air-drying stages to ensure you get a sweet, delicious result in 12 months’ time…

Butchering commences at 9am, and all the work should be done by 5pm.

The day costs $180 and includes a farm-style lunch and music by the Cider House String Band, as well as a farm tour, of course! Book early as places are limited to 40 per day and always sell out!

Tammi Jonas

Stuart and Tammi Jonas

Curing meat

Morning tea time!

Pre-lunch snack

Farm tour

Cider House String Band

Cider House String Band

Farm-style lunch

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