Wednesday, June 17, 2015

2015 Good Beer Week - Craft and Craft, Two Row

Craft beer paired with craft making. What could be better? Sample a variety of craft beer under the guidance of Miryam Piechocinski, founder of the brand-new Kettle Green Brewery. Then get your craft on! You'll create beer cap flower magnets with Theresa Winters; master the art of recycled beer carton pinwheels with Chloe Gunn of Gunnbelievable; and learn how to make 'beer'-rariums (terrariums made of beer glasses) with Amanda Knights. The 2.5 hour session is hosted in craft beer bar Two Row, run by co-founder Tiffany Waldron. In addition to a showbag packed with over $100 worth of goodies, you’ll walk home with the wonderful new crafts you made.

recycled beer carton pinwheels


Time and date of visit: 2 pm Saturday 16 May 2015

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