Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fandango - North Melbourne, Victoria

97 Errol Street, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (03) 9329 0693
Open Monday - Saturday 7:30am - 3pm, Sunday 9am - 2pm

Soy Latte with Honey

Pesto Scrambled Eggs - Soft scrambled eggs flavoured with flecks of basil, pine nuts, garlic and parmesan. Served with grilled tomato and toasted sourdough $16.00

Beetroot Eggs - Poached eggs with beetroot and fetta relish, served with spinach on toasted sourdough with mushrooms $19.50

Curried Eggs - Indian spiced chickpeas topped with two fried eggs, spicy brinjal vegetable pickle, minted yoghurt cheese and warm roti $17.50

The best? We didn't have to wait in line for an hour, unlike the Auction Rooms next door!
The worst? Limited seating inside, so we were stuck in the chilly courtyard.
Service? Friendly.
Decor? Shabby chic.
Noise? Low-range.
Value? Fairly standard cafe prices.
Would we go back? Yes.
Time and date of visit: 10:00am Sunday 21 July 2013

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