Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weekly Menu, Thursday 31 January 2013: Coconut House, Rose Garden BBQ and Smart Bar

Ice teh tarik

Claypot Ban Mee Curry Special (Malyasian thick noodle) - Combination of sliced BBQ pork, marinated pork and fried egg on Malaysian thick noodle with curry laksa soup in clay pot.

Bitter melon and crispy skin pork with egg

Spicy chicken ribs

After work: Smart Bar - The Birds and the Bees

Talk: 'Where cuckoldry meets the committed' with Dr Karen Rowe - Mating systems in birds range from complete life-long sexual monogamy to rampant promiscuity. Dr Rowe discussed bizarre sexual strategies birds use to get a mate and raise young.

Talk: 'Art of the Balloon Phallus' with Blair Patullo - Selective survey of male sexual anatomy throughout the animal kingdom, as told through the art of balloon-shape-making.

Talk: 'Tyrannosaurus sex: a prehistory of reproduction' with Dr Erich Fitzgerald - T.rex is one thing, and Triceratops is another, but how on earth did spiky Stegosaurus do it? What evidence exists for sex and its aftermath in the fossil record? An intimate look back in time to the dawn of the deed and big love in the realm of the dinosaurs.

Did you know scorpions glowed under UV light?

Orb weaver

Science is fun!

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