Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cookie - Melbourne, Victoria

deep fried snapper with bok choi tamarind & crispy shallots 25.50

pad thai - rice noodles with chicken, egg, bean curd & sprouts 17.50

fat rice noodles with duck cabbage green peppercorns & basil 22.00

Revisit verdict: The good? A perfect place for Friday lunches. I love Cookie for its casual atmosphere, the friendly staff, and of course - the fat rice duck noodles. The bad? This time, my favourite dish was seriously missing its usual spiciness, and even the subsequent delivery of fresh chillies (upon request) failed to balance out the flavours. I remember a time when the waiter would serve this dish with a glass of milk! So, boo. But hopefully it'll be back up to scratch next time.
Time and date of visit: 12:30 pm Friday 25 July 2014 (see previous visit)

252 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (03) 9663 7660
Open 7 days, 12 pm - 3 am

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