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Café Vue - February Mixology (Cocktail Degustation), The History of Gin

"The History of Gin"

The origins of Gin can be traced back to Holland circa 1850 where the original purpose for the concoction was to cure a stomach complaint!

♫ Fred Astiare - One for My Baby (One more for the Road) ♫

Dutch Courage - A tribute to the early sailors using genever to calm their nerves before battle. A twist on the British Navel drink the Gimlet. Bols Genever is shaken with lime curd and house made syrup.

Baby corn, octopus

♫ Snoop Dog - Gin and Juice ♫

Sage Aviation - This drink first appears in the 1917 book by Hugo Ensslin Recipes for Mixed Drinks. This pre-prohibition drink shows how gin was already widely used by the most progressive bartenders. Bombay Gin is shaken with Sage Flower Gomme, Maraschino Liquor and Lemon juice.
Marron, lettuce, spicy mayo

♫ Tom Waits - Gin Soaked Boy ♫

Mother's Ruin - Dating back to the 1880s, the classic Martinez is considered to e the first Martini, and could be the inspiration for the Manhattan. Here we take the basis of the Martinez: Old Tom Gin, Sweet Vermouth & Maraschino Liquor and add Leatherwood Honey. All stirred down with Bokers & Orange bitters.
Old-man carrots, roast almonds

♫ The Magnetic Fields - Love is like a Bottle of Gin Lyrics ♫

Broken Bramble - A modern classic. The Gin Bramble was created by Dick Bradsell at Fred's Club in London during the 1980's. Here we shake Sloe Gin, Limoncello and Lemon juice. Served tall with a float of Blackberry Liquor.

Duck teaser tasters

Duck & blueberry

♫ D'Angelo - One Mo' Gin ♫

Vesper & Tonic - Here we combine two very British drinks. The Vesper was created for Ian Fleming by Gilberto Preti at Dukes Hotel in London. Fleming liked the drink so much he had his fictional character James Bond order one in his debut novel Casino Royale. Tonic water was invented in India as a prophylactic against malaria. The first commercial bottling was done in 1858. The colonial British in India used dissolved quinine to ward off malaria carrying mosquitoes, adding gin to it made it palatable. Here we take a Vesper, and top it with a tonic foam containing quinine, lemon zest, cucumber and rose.

Coconut cream, cucumber, lemon

Verdict? The first course of Dutch Courage and baby corn with octopus was voted unanimously the highlight of the evening, while the last cocktail was just a little hard to swallow... But all in all - a super fun evening, as usual. Can't wait till the next one!
Time and date of visit: 7 pm Friday 28 February 2014

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