Sunday, June 22, 2014

2014 Good Beer Week - Beer and the Beast, Royal Mail Hotel on Spencer St

Beer and the Beast is a hands-on event.
The Royal Mail on Spencer and Harvesters Brewing will take you back to primal times, before the supermarket.
We will break down a whole deer and put half on the spit for our dinner.
The other half will be turned into salami, prosciutto and bacon. Venison smallgood tastings will be part of the Beer and Beast experience.
While that’s going on we will mill brewer's grain into flour and add a hops-based sourdough starter to make our bread for the night.
And to top it off, we will be brewing a small batch beer on the night.

Dusty in the kitchen

Oliver Warren and Dusty

Harvesters Original Ale and Bridgeport India Pale Ale

Nelson Sauvin hops

Royal Mail charcuterie plate with housemade Nelson Sauvin hops bread

Michael Hermans and Dusty

Oliver Warren with 'Barry' the Braumeister

Slow roasted venison, lentils, agrodolce peppers

Cheese plate

Time and date of visit: 7 pm Thursday 22 May 2014

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